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20 First Avenue, Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1M4  

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Trinity United Church  20 First Avenue, Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1M4      Tel: (905) 852-6213   Fax: (905) 852-5941

Why is this happening?

You may have noticed that we have had the balcony closed for most of 2015. Earlier in the year we realized that pieces of plaster were falling away at the point where the balcony meets the south wall of the church. Further investigation revealed that the balcony was starting to separate from both the north and south walls so it became apparent that major repairs would be needed in order for us to be able to continue using the balcony.

After quotes were obtained Heritage Restoration was contracted to perform the necessary repair work, with the project to take place during November, 2015. The cost of this was estimated at $150,000.  

So why should I be concerned?

The cornerstone of this church was laid in 1888 (you can see it on the north-east corner) and this beautiful church has served many thousands of people, not just the congregation but also as a venue for many groups who use this space including musical performances like Handel’s Messiah and many others. While the needs of the regular congregation on Sundays could be accommodated in a much smaller building, we believe that as stewards of this amazing facility that we should do what we can to keep it in good repair as well as make occasional improvements were necessary.

We need your help. Offering envelopes are available at the church for your donation or you can donate online here at this website or contact our church office at 905 852 6213